Rob’s Workshops and Presentations are interactive, entertaining and participatory for
audiences of 1-1000! Ask about a custom workshop for the needs of your staff.

Sample Workshop and Presentation Offerings:

Creating The Comfort Zone: Strategies for Engaging Different Learners Through
Creativity and the Arts
– In this hands-on workshop, educators create simple, low prep
yet highly effective arts-integrated, creative activities using music, drama, poetry and
more that empower them to reach and teach students of all different abilities. The
workshop is easy, fast-paced and collaborative and requires no prior arts training or

Creating Multicultural Connections – Using children’s books, the poetry of Langston
Hughes, visual art and music from around the world, this workshop fosters cultural
understanding, peacemaking and empowers educators on issues of cultural awareness
and sensitivity. Rob is the 2011 Martin Luther King Peacemaker Award recipient. This
workshop can be in conjunction with a duo performance with Rob and a master
musician from Uganda, Africa.

Introduction to Arts Integration – Rob gives a broad overview of how music, art, poetry,
drama, photography and other art forms can transform the math, language arts and
social studies classroom. In presentation form, it includes videos, photos and arts
integration lesson plan samples.

STEAM – Finally, a hands-on and experiential workshop that gives participants simple
yet powerful strategies for integrating the A into STEM. Science, technology,
engineering and math are creative in so many ways and adding the A for Arts into
elementary and middle school STEM curriculum will create interested students and lifelong

Simple Ways to Use the Arts in Math Class – Drawing from his experience as Artist-in-
Residence at a middle school Performing and Visual Arts Magnet, Rob will share how hip
hop choreography, rap, geometric art, musical instruments can transform the
mathematics classroom. Any educator, regardless of prior arts training or skill, will learn
how to use the art of Kandinsky to teach geometry, the piano keyboard to teach
integers and simple musical instruments to teach fractions.

Using the language of the Standards for Mathematical Practice from the Common
Core Standards Initiative
– Using actual math elementary and middle school math
lessons, educators will practice using the eight “Good Mathematicians” skills in the
classroom setting and then apply the language to their own lessons. Don’t let these
valuable eight skills be another forgotten poster on a classroom wall!